Canal Basin Reworked

I was never fully happy with the canal basin, so have spent the last week or two redesigning and rebuilding the entire area.

This is the area with no buildings:


A low relief warehouse and a new custom warehouse with an angled tunnel through it has been built. In this photo, the platform hasn’t been finished:


This is the platform finished off, with some lights in the main warehouse:


On the other side of the main warehouse, the far siding has been cut back, and more low relief warehouses have been added:


This is an overall view of the area:


As with all these things, there is still much to be done, but at least the core stuff is now place.




Canal Hill Installed

The new canal hill has now been painted and installed on the layout. See Canal Hill Version 3 for construction photos.

First job was to add a base layer of grass:


Then an initial layer of scatter was added:


This is the space on the layout where the hill will go:


And this is the layout with the hill installed and finished (for now):




The adjacent track has also been tidied up and weathered.


Canal Hill Version 3

Time for the third rebuild of the hill by the canal…

This is made of insulation board stuck on a cardboard base (see Making a grass mound for the method used).

The left hand section will be rocks based on a local(ish) sandstone outcrop:

Stone Farm Rocks

So far, it has been painted with white emulsion. The separate section will go on the wall behind the canal:

Canal Hill Version 3

This is a closeup of the rock section:

Canal Hill Version 3 Closeup

For reference, these are the previous attempts:

Polystyrene (never finished)
Canal Tunnel Entrance
Wooden base with plaster overlay

A New Train!

It’s been a while since I bought any new trains for the railway, but this one caught my eye (and was on special offer!):

Class 128 DPU

For the railway minded, it’s a Class 128 DPU (Diesel Parcels Unit). There were never many of these made, but they were used in many different regions. The last one was withdrawn in 1990. Unfortunately, none survive in preservation.


Frog Juicer

The frog on the one point on the 009 (Narrow Gauge) track has never been very reliable electrically. I was going to replace the point, but it would have been a lot of work…

So after a bit of experimentation, I added a small electronic board (Frog Juicer) that automatically sets the frog part of the point to the correct state.


It only needed one more wire adding to the layout (and unless you know where it is, you’ll never see it), and the point is now very reliable in operation.