Making a grass mound

The ‘flat’ bits of grass were always intended to be a temporary stopgap, this is the original bit by the tunnel:

Goods Yard - Tunnel End

Work started by removing the old ‘grass’:

Hill Construction 1

A template was made of the area from thin card (250g/m²):

Hill Construction 2

A 25mm thick section of insulation board (Kingspan or Celotex) was marked up and glued to the card with Evo-Stik:

Hill Construction 3

Hill Construction 4

Hill Construction 5

The board was roughly trimmed with an old kitchen knife to fit the card, the the top of the mound roughly shaped:

Hill Construction 7

Hill Construction 9

Then smoothed with a surform (this is a messy business!):

Hill Construction 12

The use of the card “base” allows the edges to be smoothed to almost nothing.

Check it fits:

Hill Construction 14

A quick coat of brown(ish) paint to avoid any of the white showing through:

Hill Construction 16

The mound is then covered with a ‘grass’ base. I’ve used Javis ‘‘:

Hill Construction 17

The mound is then stuck to the layout, and finished off with various ‘turf’ scatter, which helps to blend the edges of the mound into the layout.

Tunnel Grass

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