Corner Points

The Corner Points (61 & 62) have now been assembled from reclaimed handmade points and point motors fitted. These will go in the corner of the layout near the main station.

I’ve improved and simplified the assembly of these compared to the first station points. The first step is to cut and drill some 1.5mm thick black plasticard (this is used because it’s much the same thickness as the 1/16″ cork I use for the main track):

The hole on the left is for the point actuator wire, the holes on the right will provide electrical connections to the point itself. The plasticard is stuck underneath the point with contact adhesive, making sure all the holes line up!:

Like the previous points, a piece of 6mm plywood is stuck on the back of the plasticard, and the point motor screwed to this:

The other points use the same method, with the right hand points sharing one piece of plasticard:

After a coat of paint over the sleepers, the completed assembly is ready to be installed on the layout:

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